Company Profile

The Commonwealth Mint & Philatelic Bureau Ltd specialises in the production of commemorative coins and stamps for collectors, together with the production of currency coins for circulation. We are able to supply any quantity of coins and we offer both competitive prices and short lead times. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and the quality of our work. As a United Kingdom based company, our staff and management have built up an excellent reputation over the years and we can boast amongst our ranks some of the finest specialists in the industry. Our production team have up to 50 years' individual personal experience in the business and our younger management and sales personnel have brought with them additional skills needed for use with today's modern technology. 

Below is a brief description of the products we offer:


Coins ~ Currency and Collector Issues

Our factory is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and all sizes and metal types can be produced. The Commonwealth Mint produces commemorative coins in gold, silver and cupro-nickel for many countries around the world. These coins are made in various sizes and our normal production ranges from a huge 89mm diameter silver coin down to a tiny gold coin weighing quarter of a gram with a diameter of 8.5mm. Most commemorative coins however are struck using "Crown size" specifications - 38.6mm diameter and approximately 25 grams weight. These issues can be produced specifically for the host country or we can enter into an agreement whereby these coins are produced by us and sold to our network of wholesalers and retailers worldwide, with the host country receiving a commission for each coin sold. Using this method, the host country incurs no costs or expenses. These coins are a useful tool in raising the profile of smaller countries, together with the added benefits of a likely increase in trade and tourism.



Our Philatelic Bureau has introduced the same marketing techniques we have perfected with our coin issues and use these to increase sales substantially for the host countries. We are able to give very competitive prices for regular issue stamps to be used for postage and if we become involved with commemorative issues, we will generally produce these and market them to our network of agents with a royalty paid for each stamp we sell. With this system, there are no costs incurred by the host country who are paid on a royalty basis. Printing costs can be expensive and we absorb all marketing and production costs so that our host countries have no risk and receive regular royalty payments from us.